13th annual SLN SOLsummit

. March 7-9, 2012 . The SUNY Global Center . New York, NY .

The SLN SOLSummit, sponsored by the SUNY Learning Network (SLN), is an annual SUNY-wide conference specifically for online instructional designers, directors of online learning, and those interested in online learning environment support, services, and best practices.

The first Summit was held in 1998 as an annual face to face meeting of the SLN faculty development and instructional design team and the online campus-based SUNY instructional designers (also known at that time as MIDs) whose campuses participated in the SLN program.

Today, the SLN SOLSummit is open to anyone regardless of their CMS, SUNY, or SLN affiliation.

Click on the general info link for Summit posts. Check http://twitter.com/slnsolsummit for Summit news, status, and updates.


The SLN SOLsummit has a 3-day agenda.

Day 1 (3.07.12)
Open to all regardless of affiliation with SLN or SUNY.
Though the day-1 agenda targets SLN member campuses, any interested SUNY-affiliated campus member is welcome to attend. Please check the agenda for sessions of interest.

Day 2 (3.8.12)
Open to all regardless of affiliation with SLN or SUNY.

Day 3 (3.9.12) Special Event: Networking with NUTN
Open to all regardless of SUNY or SLN/CPD affiliation. Enthusiastic participation from SLN, CPD, and DOODLE members is invited.


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